Find Relief From Your Chronic Sinus Problems

Dealing with sinus infections can be brutal and can take away from much of your daily functionality. You might find that you deal with sinus problems frequently, which could mean you’re dealing with chronic sinusitis. It’s important to deal with chronic sinus problems so that you’re able to focus on tasks in your daily life instead of constantly feeling congested and stuffy.

Dealing with Chronic Sinus Problems

If you’re dealing with sinus problems, you might find that parts of your face feel tender and swollen and that it can be difficult to breathe properly. If you’re dealing with this on a frequent basis, you’ll probably find that you aren’t sleeping well and that you also feel exhausted on a regular basis.

Dr. Monhian will examine your sinuses to determine what the best form of treatment might be. He may prescribe nasal corticosteroids to help prevent and treat inflammation. To get the best results, you may also want to irrigate the sinuses with a saline solution to reduce drainage and rinse away any irritants that may be stuck inside the sinuses.

You may also be dealing with a bacterial infection, in which case antibiotics are needed to treat the infection. Dr. Monhian may also prescribe corticosteroids to help boost the results of the antibiotic and get you feeling cleared up in no time.

In severe cases that are resistant to treatment, surgery might be necessary. Dr. Monhian will expand the opening of the sinuses to prevent future infections and blockages. This can also help with drainage which will prevent future infections.

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Dealing with ongoing sinus problems can make life miserable and you might find that it’s impossible to focus on the tasks at hand. Contact Dr. Monhian to find out how you can get relief from your sinus problems and start breathing clearly again.

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