Body Contouring After Weight Loss: Sculpting a New You

When you lose a significant amount of weight, one issue you might face is loose and sagging skin. Your excess skin may hang off your body and won’t have the elasticity to spring back after you lose a dramatic amount of weight. This can cause you to continue to feel uncomfortable with your body, even after losing weight. When you’re looking to sculpt your body after weight loss, you might want to talk to your plastic surgeon about what your options might be and how you can start looking as good as you might feel.

Sculpting Your Body After Weight Loss

When you lose a dramatic amount of weight, you’ll likely have to deal with all of the excess skin surrounding your body. Your plastic surgeon can discuss ways that you can sculpt and contour your body to look the way you’ve dreamt of. There are several options for contouring your body and you may even want to consider more than one at the same time.

Different methods can be used for different areas of your body. This can commonly include the arms, breasts, thighs, abdomen, and face. You can choose to have several surgeries at once or spread them out over time.

Your plastic surgeon will make incisions and remove excess sagging skin while also improving the shape of the tissue below. The fat and excess skin will be removed, and you can discuss how you may want your body to look after sculpting. The results are immediately noticeable but for the best visual, you may need to wait for any swelling to subside. Your plastic surgeon will also install a temporary tube to help with drainage and prevent any infection.

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