Natural-Looking Results: The Art and Science of Brow and Forehead Enhancements

Plastic surgery combines both art and scientific techniques to create a harmonizing, beautiful face and body. The appearance of the upper face is important, specifically the brows and forehead. Your plastic surgeon can tell you more about two common facial plastic surgery procedures, the brow lift, and the forehead lift, and how they can help you look your best.

What You Need To Know About Brow and Forehead Enhancements

Your brows and forehead are considered your upper face. Aging can affect these two areas dramatically. You may begin to notice:

  • Drooping brows
  • A sagging forehead
  • Lines and wrinkles across your forehead

The upper face can begin to sag, causing the midface and lower face to sag too. Let’s look at how two common facial plastic surgery procedures, the brow lift, and the forehead lift can help you.

  • A brow lift, which can be performed on its own, or in combination with a forehead lift and eyelid surgery to raise your eyebrows, provides a more awake, less tired look
  • A forehead lift, which raises the forehead, eliminating heaviness in the upper face, and smoothing out forehead lines and wrinkles

A forehead and brow lift can be performed using small incisions behind the hairline. An endoscope is used to lift the brows and forehead. This method may be preferable because it has a faster recovery time. Other surgical techniques use longer incisions and may require longer recovery times.

The brow and forehead lifts require between 1 and 2 hours and are performed under IV sedation. Swelling and bruising after the procedure are common and may last for about 10 days post-surgery. You will need to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling. Recovery takes about two weeks, but you may need to avoid strenuous activities for longer. It’s important to follow your plastic surgeon’s recommendations.

Want To Know More?

To find out more about brow and forehead enhancements and what they can do for you, call your plastic surgeon today.

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